The Shoe-Horn Sonata

Season: 19 February - 14 March

Tickets Available From: 15-Jan-2020

Written by: John Misto
An Amateur Production by arrangement with ORiGiN™ THEATRICAL on behalf of the rights holder

Directed by: Racquel Boyd

When Bridie and Sheila are reunited fifty years after surviving a Japanese POW camp, the filming of a documentary sets them raking over their shared past. They recall their survival, thanks to their music, humour and sheer bloody mindedness, but why did their precious friendship end with the war - and where is that shoe-horn?
Based on a true story, a tender tribute to friendship and courage.

Pymble Players is proud to dedicate this season of The Shoe-Horn Sonata to fundraising for the Hornsby Kuring-Gai Women's Shelter, in keeping with our objectives of community participation and engagement. The Shelter operates from a large suburban house and provides safe and supported temporary accommodation and care for women in times of crisis, such as homelessness and domestic violence. Proceeds from the show on 28th February will be donated to this worthy cause. Also throughout the season a banner with donation boxes will be in the hall. There are no government subsidies for the Shelter so please give generously.

Performance Dates

February 19 Wednesday at - 8:00 PM
February 21 Friday at - 8:00 PM
February 22 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
February 26 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
February 27 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
February 28 Friday at - 8:00 PM
February 29 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
March 4 Wednesday at - 8:00 PM
March 5 Thursday at - 8:00 PM
March 6 Friday at - 8:00 PM
March 7 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
March 12 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
March 13 Friday at - 8:00 PM
March 14 Saturday at 3.30 PM & 8:00 PM


Bridie Sandra Bass
Sheila Linda Young
Rick (The Interviewer)
Jawed Gebrael
Young Bridie
Angelica Madani
Young Sheila  Alexandra Burton


Director Racquel Boyd
Stage Manager
Bronwyn Blood
Production Liaison
Jill Klopfer
Set Design  Ian Ackland and Racquel Boyd
Set Construction Ian Ackland; Paul Cracknell; Michael Williams; Ross Alexander; Jurgen Joester; Linda Young; Geoff Jones; Jawed Gebrael; Alexandra Burton; Bronwyn Blood and Jill Klopfer.
Lighting Design Graham Boswell 
Sound Design Geoff Jones 
Original Music Geoff Jones
Costuming Jan McLachlan and cast
Lights Operation Graham Boswell and Michael Williams
Sound Operation Geoff Jones and Lars Parto
Rehearsal Prompt Warren Blood
Front of House Coordinator Jill Klopfer
Photography Kerryn Daly