Calendar Girls

Season: 4 October – 28 October

Tickets Available From: 30-Aug-2017

Written by: TIM FIRTH
An amateur production by arrangement with ORiGiN™ Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French Ltd

Directed by: Julia Griffith

Following the death of her husband from leukaemia, Annie and best friend, Chris, resolve to raise money for a new settee in the hospital waiting room. They persuade fellow members of the Women’s Institute to pose with them for an “alternative” calendar. As media interest snowballs, the girls find themselves exposed in ways they never expected.

They dropped everything for a good cause.

Performance Dates

Oct 4 Wednesday at - 8:00 PM
Oct 6 Friday at - 8:00 PM
Oct 7 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
Oct 11 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
Oct 12 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
Oct 13 Friday at - 8:00 PM
Oct 14 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
Oct 18 Wednesday at - 8:00 PM
Oct 19 Thursday at - 8:00 PM
Oct 20 Friday at - 8:00 PM
Oct 21 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
Oct 26 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
Oct 27 Friday at - 8:00 PM 
Oct 28 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM


Chris Louise Deibe
Annie Fran Etheridge
Ruth Racquel Boyd
Marie Margaret Olive
Jessie Maria Karambelas
Cora Prue Foxe
Celia Bronwyn Courts
John Royden Broad
Rod/Liam Murray Fane
Bernard/Lawrence Wills Burke
Lady Cravenshire/Elaine Helen Hunter-Lee


Director Julia Griffith
Stage Manager
Jan Sowden
Production Liaison Delegate Warren Blood
Set Design 
Ian Ackland
Set Construction Ian Ackland; Paul Cracknell; Michael Noonan; Charles Williams; Ed Goodwin; Peter Andrews; Jennifer Michalski, cast and crew
Music & Sound Effects
Melissa Abraham
Lighting Design Graham Boswell
Lights and Sound Operation
Melanie Brooker; Vivienne Leeb-Du Toit; Sally Drummond; Diane Howden and Samantha Lemon
Costumes Jan McLachlan
Props Jan Sowden and Jennifer Michalski
Rehearsal Prompts Nanette Frew and Warren Blood
Front of House Coordinator Jill Klopfer
Photography Ben Townsend
Publicity Julia Griffith