An Inspector Calls

Season: 19 July – 12 August

Tickets Available From: 14-Jun-2017

Written by: by J.B. Priestley
An amateur production by arrangement with ORiGiN™ Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French Ltd

Directed by: Helen Williams

When the mysterious Inspector Goole calls unexpectedly at the prosperous Birling family home, their dinner party is shattered by his investigations into the death of a young woman. Secrets are exposed, individual truths are revealed and a web of deceit is unearthed as each family member is placed under the spotlight.

All people are intertwined... all actions have consequences.

Performance Dates

July 19 Wednesday at - 8:00 PM
July 21 Friday at - 8:00 PM
July 22 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
July 26 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
July 27 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
July 28 Friday at - 8:00 PM
July 29 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
August 2 Wednesday at - 8:00 PM
August 3 Thursday at - 8:00 PM
August 4 Friday at - 8:00 PM
August 5  Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM
August 10 Whole of Theatre Prebooked at - 8:00 PM
August 11 Friday at - 8:00 PM 
August 12 Saturday at - 3:30 PM & 8:00 PM


Gerald Croft Jack Douglas
Eric Birling Brett Joachim
Arthur Birling Phil Lye
Sybil Birling Liz Lynch
Sheila Birling Samantha Lemon
Inspector Goule David Kirkham
The Maid Jill Klopfer


Director Helen Williams
Production Assistant Jill Klopfer
Stage Manager
Jill Klopfer
Set Design Reg Lunn
Set Construction Reg Lunn; Charles Williams; Ian Williams; Ian Ackland and Lionel Willison
Lighting Design Grahame Boswell
Sound Design  Helen Williams
Wardrobe Jan MacLachlan and Marisa Newnes
Lights and Sound Operation Grahame Boswell and Melanie Brooker
Rehearsal Prompt Frances Etheridge
Front of House Coordinator Jill Klopfer
Photography Ben Townsend