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Past Productions



Snake In the Grass

Directed by: Jennifer Willison
Summary: This is Ayckbourn as you have never seen him before. Two sisters are reunited at the family home following the death of their father. Each haunted by her own past, a blackmailing nurse preys on their vulnerabilities...or so she thinks! This ghostly tale of intrigue and suspense will keep you hanging on its every twist and turn.


Black Coffee

Directed by: Jan McLachlan
Summary: In an English country house an eccentric inventor is murdered and his important formula stolen. One man immediately senses a potent brew of despair, treachery and deception among the house party. That man is Hercule Poirot. Enjoy the classic Christie setting for a Poirot whodunnit - French doors, elegant women, country tweeds and knowing housekeepers.


Twelve Angry Men

Directed by: Nanette Frew
Summary: A young man is on trial, accused of stabbing his father to death. This is 1950s New York. Eleven jurors are convinced of his guilty: one juror is not. It will be a long, hot night. While tempers fray and arguments grow heated, we are caught up in the tension that will eventually seal the fate of one young man.


Playhouse Creatures

Directed by: Patsy Templeton
Summary: Backstage at the King's Theatre we enter the world of Nell Gwyn and her fellow actresses as they are first allowed to perform on stage. After years of Puritan rule, London society clamours to see women playing roles previously the domain of beardless youths. Follow the mixed fortunes of these women who struggle out of the gutter towards the stars.


A Little Princess

Directed by: Sharon Mullin
Summary: After spending her first 7 years in India as the well loved, only child of wealthy Captain Crewe, Sara travels to London to study at Miss Minchin's boarding school for girls. She thrives at school and is mostly well liked. On her 11th birthday disaster strikes and Sara is thrown from riches to ruin.

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