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Past Productions



Much Ado About Nothing

Directed by: Angus Templeton
Summary: Sex, Love, betrayal... belligerent sexual tension... jealousy and forgiveness: much ado about nothing! Shakespeare's most modern comedy introduces confirmed bachelor Benedick, smart and sassy Beatrice, card carrying villain don John and a host of others and pits them in a war of the hearts.


Travels With My Aunt

Directed by: Carla Moore
Summary: 75 year old Aunt Augusta, a free spirit with a casual disregard for money and conventions, takes her dull retired bank manager nephew Henry Pulling on an odyssey. They exchange suburban London for South America and meet a smorgasbord of crazy characters. Through their adventures - dealing with pot-smoking, currency smuggling and shielding former war criminals - Henry is coaxed out of the prison of suburbia and finds freedom.


Life After George

Directed by: Vicki Nield
Summary: Peter George, charismatic academic maverick, is dead. Two ex-wives, his daughter and his current wife come together to mourn a man who was a life-eater, a dashing bastard with feet of clay.
As the true nature of the man unfolds, the women discover much about themselves and their lives both in and out of his shadow.


Flowering Cherry

Directed by: Keith Potten
Summary: Is it good to have pipe dreams? Is the grass greener on the other side?
In this powerful and evocative mid-twentieth -century domestic drama, father of the family, Jim Cherry, dreams of retiring to a cherry orchard in Somerset ... but has he got what it takes?


Spin Me a Tale

Directed by: Jan McLachlan
Summary: This Christmas play " Spin Me a Tale " written by Director Jan McLachlan, will come with fun , music, and much laughter for everyone.It purports to be the usual load of nonsense , song and dancing to give lots of fun to you all.

Come and start your Christmas celebrations at Pymble Players!