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Past Productions



The Mousetrap

Directed by: Vicki Nield
Summary: Bleak Mid Winter … cut off by snowdrifts.
Not the best start for Molly and Giles, Proprietors of Monkswell Manor … especially when some people are not what they seem.
Three blind mice …??? See how they …???
Mystery! Malice! Murder!
Can you pick ‘Whodunit??’ If so; SSSSHHHHH!!!


Morning Sacrifice

Directed by: Sue McIntosh
Summary: With a setting in the late 1930’s Dymphna Cusack takes her audience deeply into the world of a girls’ college, where three teachers attempt to defend a student allegedly engaging in ‘immoral behaviour’. The action takes place over a few days in the hotbed staffroom, at a time in society when dedicated women were booted out of the teaching profession if they married or if their slightest moral indiscretion set off a landslide of innuendo.


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Directed by: Des Harris
Summary: Sit back and enjoy some of the theatre’s most famous larger than life characters as they are revealed in this production of Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize winning play. Big Daddy, Big Mama, Brick and Maggie the Cat, fill the stage with an ‘odour of mendacity’, as the Southern plantation Pollitt family unveil the repressed themes of death, greed, homosexuality and family relationships. Watch as the truth is drawn out in climactic revelations that bring the characters tumbling back to reality from their haze of superficiality.


Secret Bridesmaids' Business

Directed by: Racquel Boyd
Summary: It is the night before Meg’s long awaited wedding. She and her bridesmaids have gathered for one last night of bachelorette fun … but as the tensions rise and scandals are revealed Meg’s dream of marriage is challenged and her friendships are rocked. Before she walks down the aisle, Meg will have to decide what really is important and who will be standing with her.


Scruffy Ruffkin's Christmas Tale

Directed by: Jodine Muir
Summary: Scruffy Ruffkin is a goofy, fun-loving teddy bear on a brand new Christmas Adventure!

It's Christmas Eve and all Scruffy wants is to be delivered by Santa to a forever home and a new best friend, but a greedy elf has other plans - and Scruffy and his crew of crazy friends are toy-napped from Santa's sleigh. Now they're a long way from home and gotta get out of a whole sackful of trouble!

So join the fun and laughter of this exciting new family show as this raggedy bunch of misfits sets out to save Christmas.



Charitable Intent

Directed by: Catherine Potter
Summary: A young corporate CEO has recently been appointed to a charitable organisation to apply new methods to its fund raising efforts. She encounters such resistance to her business style by some of the longer serving members of staff that Jack Manning is called in to resolve the conflicts. Is it just about management style or are there other factors driving the division? In the face of heightened emotions and sustained resistance, can Jack help clarify what's really going on?


Russian Spring:The Yalta Game & The Bear

Directed by: Nanette Frew
Summary: This double bill of two short plays, written by Ireland's greatest living playwright Brian Friel, is based on a story and a one-act play by Anton Chekhov. In The Yalta Game, an innocent game at the famous Black Sea resort turns into a passionate affair for a Moscow bank clerk and a young married woman. In The Bear a man-hating widow and a woman-hating creditor square off over one of her deceased husband's debts. Both plays explore the love that affirms life in the face of convention and routine, the mundane and the commonplace.


Arsenic and Old Lace

Directed by: Jennifer Willison
by special arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd
Summary: In this macabre comedy, the two elderly Brewster sisters extend their well intentioned but lethal charity towards lonely old men seeking lodgings, assisted by their nephew who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt. Add a second nephew, a drama critic recently engaged to be married, his murderous brother who looks like Boris Karloff, a gangland surgeon and various local police, and we enter the madcap farce that became the much loved film adaptation with Cary Grant.


The Memory of Water

Directed by: Patsy Templeton
Summary: "Even water has memory - you can dilute and dilute but the pertinent thing remains......it still exerts influence" Three sisters meet on the eve of their mother's funeral. As the differences in their own memories of their childhood are revealed, conflicts and tensions emerge, and the sparks fly. But ultimately it is the fabric woven in that early family life that finally allows them to forgive each other and become united. This cleverly written play will resonate, particularly if you have siblings!


Hey Diddle Diddle

Directed by: Jan McLachlan
Summary: Hey Diddle Diddle, a pantomime written especially for Pymble Players, brings the cat, the fiddle and the jumping cow to the stage. Come see the Dame, the Principal Boy, and all our favourite characters from the traditional nursery rhymes. Songs, dancing and plenty of audience participation will entertain the young and the young at heart with a pantomime that has a magic all of its own.