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Past Productions



A Sting in the Tale

Directed by: Jan McLachlan
Summary: It is years since they have written a successful play but two crime writers dream of another box office winner. At the moment their creative efforts have stalled, they're running out of money and as they search for the perfect plot, a murder mystery is hatched. Or is that "hatchetted"? Drama and real life trip over each other until what is plot and what is bloody murder become hopelessly intertwined.


Speaking in Tongues

Directed by: Racquel Boyd
Summary: Speaking in Tongues is a provocative modern Australian drama that draws its audience into a complex web of relationships. It tells the story of nine parallel lives, interwoven by infidelities, a missing person and a shoe, all of which are drawn together through the investigations of detective Leon Zat. Within this multi-layered, emotional thriller, we explore the murky territory of trust, intimacy, betrayal and loss.


Wrong Turn at Lungfish

Directed by: Liz Thomas
Summary: Take one irascible, intellectual college dean, blinded by a disease that will soon kill him, and mix with a ditzy, saucy and resilient young woman who volunteers to be his reader. Throw in a fistful of her thug of a boyfriend, a dose of an exasperated student nurse and a hint of blackmail and combine to create this very funny, warm and compassionate play.


The Touch of Silk

Directed by: David Goddard
Summary: This poignant drama centres on Jeanne, a homesick French war bride and her shell-shocked husband Jim, battling hardship and prejudice in a drought-stricken town in Northern Victoria. As the drought worsens, the harsh landscape provides a backdrop for the ignorant cruelty and small mindedness of the townsfolk as the play moves towards its tragic conclusion.


Alice in Wonderland

Directed by: Anne Wilson
Summary: Tumble down the rabbit hole and follow Alice into Wonderland, where the White Rabbit mustn't be late and the Queen of Hearts wants to chop off your head. Will the White Knight, Humpty Dumpty, the Caterpillar and the Duchess play croquet with flamingos? Will the Mad Hatter turn you on your head in a magical experience of this classic children's story?